CONCLUSION: EA can alleviate the damage of corneal epithelium and sensory neurons in dry eye model guinea pigs, which may be related to its functions in down-regu-lating the expression of P2X3R and PKC in the cornea and TG.

Effect of electroacupuncture on ocular surface sensory neuralgia and expression of P2X<sub>3</sub> receptor and PKC in cornea and trigeminal ganglion of dry eye guinea pigs

CONCLUSION: EA therapy is frequently used in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, and has some characteristics in acupoint selection, stimulating parameters and some additional needling techniques.

Characteristics of clinical application of electroacupuncture therapy for peripheral neuropathy based on data mining

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Acupoint injection for 21 cases of trigeminal neuralgia

CONCLUSION: The three-combination needling method has obvious clinical therapeutic effect on primary trigeminal neuralgia.

Clinical observation on three-combination needling method for treatment of primary trigeminal neuralgia

CONCLUSION: Acupoint injection of VitB12 has a better therapeutic effect than that of oral administration of Carbamazepine.

Clinical observation on acupoint injection of VitB12 for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia