Systremma (Spasm of Gastrocnemius Muscle)

Systremma, also called spasm of gastrocnemius muscle, refers to a sudden spasm in lateral or bilateral gastrocnemius muscle. It is usually caused by the invasion of the UB channel by pathogenic cold. Clinical manifestations are pain in the lower leg, difficult movement, and paroxysmal spasm. All of these symptoms are alleviated by warmth.


UB 57 Chengshan on the affected side.


The injectable material is made up of 2 ml Vitamin B1, and 1 ml Vitamin B12.

The injection should be to a depth of 2 cm.


30 cases were treated with point injection therapy. In most cases, symptoms alleviated after one treatment, and improved or cured after 2-3 treatments.


Point injection therapy is indicated in chronic spasm cases while acupuncture is better for the spasm when it presents for the first time. Obviously moxibustion is also indicated for any pathology due to cold.

Source: Diseases Treated by Single Point of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Written by Chen Decheng. English Text Revised by Linda Gale Sampson, Cynthia J. Chan. Published by Foreign Languages Press, Beijing.






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