Schizophrenia occurs mainly in young and middle-aged people. The onset is insidious and the duration may be long. Clinically, there may be a syndrome of fantastic hallucinations, the patient having all sorts of absurd ideas, hearing or seeing things which do not exist, and is often suspicious, thinking people are talking about him or want to harm him. Some patients are indifferent to stimulation by the outside environment, and incoherent in speech. Others may be in an excited state, with hypermotility and hyperphasia; however they are mentally clear, usually of normal intelligence and there are no positive signs upon physical examination.


(For maniac phase only:)
UB 15 Xinshu,
Ren 14 Juque,
UB 17 Geshu, <
PC 5 Jianshi,
ST 36 Zusanli,
HT 7 Shenmen.


25 - 50 mg. of perphenazine in I - 2 points, alternating between the listed points, one treatment per day.

Note: it is not known how "mg" (a measurement of weight) could be directly injected without putting this material into a wet medium measured such as "ml" or "cc". The source text does not provide this information.


  1. When patient is mentally clear, talk to him patiently to effect an ideological change and win his cooperation in order to achieve more effective results.

  2. Breaking of the needle should be prevented while performing treatment in the active phase.

  3. Psychotherapy is also needed in the chronic phase.

Source: The Treament of 100 Common Diseases by New Acupuncture, Medicine and Health Publishing Company






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