This is a functional disturbance of the central nervous system caused by temporary imbalance of higher center activity induced by mental and/or emotional factors. It occurs mainly in young and middle-aged people. Symptoms vary, but the main ones are insomnia, headache, dizziness, lassitude, poor memory and anxiety.

Other accompanying symptoms are due to dysfunction of the autonomic nerves, such as palpitations, shortness of breath, flushing or pallor of the face, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. If the patient complains of the above symptoms, yet no organic pathologic changes are found upon physical examination, then neurasthenia can be diagnosed.

TCM equivalent pathologies would fall generally into the category of (TCM) Liver and deficiency syndromes.


Anmien (Extra),
UB 15 Xinshu,
Ren 14 Juque,
Ren 12 Zhongwan,
ST 36 Zusanli,
UB 18 Ganshu,
UB 20 Pishu,
US 23 Shenshu,
UB 14 Jueyinshu.


Select 2 - 3 points according to symptoms. l cc. of 0.5 - 1% procaine into each point. In severe insomnia, "sedative" may be injected.

Source: The Treament of 100 Common Diseases by New Acupuncture, Medicine and Health Publishing Company






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