Facial Paralysis II

Facial paralysis refers to peripheral facial paralysis caused by an acute nonsuppurative inflammation of the facial nerve in the stylomastoid foramen. Clinical manifestations are sudden onset, sluggishness, numbness of the face and paralysis of the affected side, deviation of the angle of the mouth to the healthy side, with incomplete closure of the eye, and the nasolabial groove becomes shallow.


SJ 17 Yifeng


Use Vitamin B1 2 ml, and Vitamin B12 1 ml. (1.5 ml only of the mixed liquid is actually injected)

Inject side affected by facial paralysis.

Inject at a depth of 1 cm directed toward opposing ear. Repeat every other day.


60 cases were treated by point injection. 48 cases were completely cured, 11 cases were improved and 1 case showed no effect in two courses.


Zhang xx, female 53 year old, worker. Zhang had suffered from facial paralysis on her left side for two years. She also experienced numbness on the left side of her face, muscle spasms, and deviation of the angle of the mouth to the right. She went to many doctors, with no curative effect. Diagnosis was left facial paralysis. She was treated with point injection. After 3 treatments, she could open her mouth and drink water normally; after four treatments, she was completely cured.


Acupuncture is used for acute or new cases while point injection therapy is most effective for the chronic or old cases.

Source: Diseases Treated by Single Point of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Written by Chen Decheng. English Text Revised by Linda Gale Sampson, Cynthia J. Chan. Published by Foreign Languages Press, Beijing.






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