Deaf-mutism is generally due to a loss of hearing before the age of 2 - 3 years which hinders learning to speak. Most cases result from acute infectious diseases such as measles, epidemic meningitis, encephalitis, typhoid, otitis media, toxic effects of drugs, etc. Congenital deaf-mutism is also a possible etiology.

After regaining hearing the next problem is the speech. In such cases the child should be made to consolidate the hearing and to read aloud for at least an hour a day.


  1. SI 19 Tinggong, GB 12 Wangu

  2. GB 2 Tinghui, SJ 18 Qimai

  3. SJ 21 Ermen, SJ 17 Yifeng


5 mg. of 654 ;; or 0.5 cc. of Vitamin B12, into each point, alternating between the three groups of points, one group for each treatment.

Note: it is not known how "mg" (a measurement of weight) could be directly injected without putting this material into a wet medium measured such as "ml" or "cc". The source text does not provide this information.

Treat once a day. The depth of injection: 1 - 2 cun.

Source: The Treament of 100 Common Diseases by New Acupuncture, Medicine and Health Publishing Company






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