Bronchitis includes acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the trachea or bronchi caused by a bacterium, virus, physical or chemical irritation.

At the onset, it usually has symptoms of infection of the upper respiratory tract, such as fever, aversion to cold, general aching, etc. Cough is the main symptom. At the beginning it is a nonproductive cough, however it may become a productive cough with a little sticky sputum or thin sputum after 1-2 days. Gradually the sputum will become purulent or white and sticky. The course of the disease seldom goes beyond one month.

Chronic bronchitis refers to chronic inflammation of the bronchial mucosa and tissues around it. Its etiology is associated with the virus, bacterium, physical or chemical irritation, immune system, autonomic nerve functional disturbance and other factors. Its main clinical manifestations are cough, expectoration, possibly accompanied with dyspnea. The episode of attack lasts at least three months annually for more than two years.


Ren 22 Tiantu


Patient lies down on back with a pillow beneath the neck.

A 5 ml syringe is used.

The injectable material is made up of 1 ml Glucose, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B12.

The needle is inserted obliquely at about a 40 degree angle downward toward the sternum 3-4 cm deep. When the patient feels the Qi sensation in the chest (distension and heaviness), pull the needle half of the way back out and inject the material.

Repeat every other day about 4-5 times.


800 cases were treated 1-2 times with point injection. 320 cases were completely cured, 400 cases were improved, and 80 cases had no effects.


While acupuncture is indicated for acute or new presentations, point injection therapy is indicated for chronic or old presentations. The point Ren 22 Tiantu should be used carefully, no more than 2 ml of injection should be used.

Source: Diseases Treated by Single Point of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Written by Chen Decheng. English Text Revised by Linda Gale Sampson, Cynthia J. Chan. Published by Foreign Languages Press, Beijing.






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