Bronchial Asthma

This is a chronic allergic disease, commonly due to spasm of the bronchi. Clinical signs are an abrupt onset, stuffiness of the chest with dyspnea. In severe cases there may be profuse sweating and cyanosis of the lips. Auscultation reveals musical wheezing and dry rales over the chest. If complicated with infection, there may be moist rales.


Point-injection Dingchuan (Extra point located .5 to 1 cun lateral to Du 14)
Huatoujiaji points at T1 through T7 bilaterally.


0.5 - I cc. of fluid extract of animal (cow) placental tissue or 0.5cc. of vitamin B1, or 0.5cc. of vitamin B2.

Injectable material is injected in each point. Once daily for ten days.


For prophylactic measures before seasonal occurrences, apply moxibustion to UB 13 Feishu, UB 20 Pishu, and ST 36 Zusanli.

Bronchial asthma occurs characteristically as episodes which may last from a few minutes to several days with a wide range of severity. The condition may be associated with chronic bronchitis.

Treatment of uncomplicated asthma gives good results, but associated inflammation of the respiratory tract should also be managed.

Source: The Treatment of 100 Common Diseases by New Acupuncture, Medicine and Health Publishing Company






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