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Recent Advances in Point Injection

Outbreak of extrapulmonary tuberculosis infection associated with acupuncture point injection.

Clin Microbiol Infect. 2014 Nov 14;

Authors: Jia Z, Chen S, Hao C, Huang Y, Liu Z, Pan A, Liao R, Wang X, Lu Z

Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is rarely reported to be associated with acupuncture practices. We performed a retrospective outbreak investigation of a unique outbreak of 33 extrapulmonary M. tuberculosis infections related to acupuncture point injection therapy (AIT) among clients who visited a private traditional Chinese medicine clinical centre in China. The lumps, abscesses and ulcers occurred mostly on the neck, shoulders, waist, knees and hips, localized at acupuncture point meridian sites. These symptoms appeared from January to November 2011, with a peak cluster of infections in September 2011 (nine cases). M. tuberculosis Beijing strain was isolated and confirmed by DNA sequencing. All diagnosed patients were treated empirically with appropriate antibiotic treatment, and their condition improved. Our study indicated that this outbreak was most likely resulted from contaminated AIT. Drafting standard guidelines for AIT is urgently needed, and routine medical supervision should be provided, including obligating health providers to perform routine physical examinations that include testing for infectious diseases.

PMID: 25677256 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Outbreak of extrapulmonary tuberculosis infection associated with acupuncture point injection.


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